‘Prison Break’ Season 5: New Trailer Reveals Why Michael Is In Prison [VIDEO]

Lincoln has to save Michael in Yemen.
Lincoln has to save Michael in Yemen. Fox / Wentworth Miller

While Prison Break Season 5 won’t air on Fox until sometime in 2017, a new sneak peek proves there’s more to the story than Michael simply surviving a brain tumor and electrocution. Nearly all of the original Prison Break cast (including T-Bag, Sucre and C-Note) will reprise their roles and help Lincoln escape a Yemeni prison.

“They have him in here for working for ISIL, trying to take down the government,” C-Note tells Lincoln in the sneak peek, which also reveals more of the scene where Lincoln tells Sara that Michael is still alive.

“Michael was sick and he died,” Sara tells Lincoln in the trailer. “Then how do you explain that?” Lincoln says as he passes her a photo across the table.

First look at Michael's new digs.
First look at Michael's new digs. Fox

Dominic Purcell recently said in an interview he believes Season 5 may even be better than all the previous seasons.

"I think this version is more worldly, it's heavy shit," Purcell told Digital Spy. "With 8 years since the last time we were in front of a Prison Break camera, a lot happens in between… our life experiences are going to affect our choices as actors. I think what you'll notice is a lot more of a grounded feeling.”

This season should really get interesting considering Lincoln, Michael, and the old crew not only have to break out of a prison, but Yemen itself. Check out the trailer and Season 5 synopsis below.

Clues surface that suggest a previously thought-to-be-dead Michael may be alive. Lincoln and Sara, Michael’s wife until he was assumed dead, reunite to engineer the series’ biggest escape ever, as three of Fox River State Penitentiary’s most notorious escapees, Sucre, T-Bag and C-Note are pulled back into the action.

Prison Break is expected to premiere early 2017.

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