‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Trailer: New Scene Shows Michael Planning His Escape With A Piece Of Gum [VIDEO]

Lincoln has to save Michael in Yemen.
Lincoln has to save Michael in Yemen. Fox / Wentworth Miller

Prison Break Season 5 is still six months away, but Fox isn’t slowing down the hype. Yesterday the network released a scene during its San Diego Comic-Con panel showing Michael bargaining with a fellow inmate for a piece of gum that will kickstart his breakout plan.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you this scared before,” Michael tells the inmate, who was sent to prison for 20 years for homosexuality. The warden plans to release all prisoners from solitary as an ‘act of forgiveness’ and the man believes he won't last 20 minutes before they kill him. He asks Michael if he still plans to break out, to which Michael says, “A piece of that gum..I need it.”

First look at Michael's new digs.
First look at Michael's new digs. Fox

According to Michael, “This piece of gum is going to start a sequence of events that will finish on the other side of the world.”

Michael also has some new tattoos, but Wentworth Miller told Entertainment Weekly last week, “ It’s less of a blueprint. They serve a very specific purpose.”

Prison Break returns early 2017.

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