‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Poster Revealed: Wentworth Miller Explains Michael’s New Tattoos [PHOTOS]

The official poster for 'Prison Break' Season 5 on Fox.
The official poster for 'Prison Break' Season 5 on Fox. Fox

It’s been a while since fans have received any substantial details about Prison Break Season 5. That will all change come Sunday when the Prison Break cast arrives at San Diego Comic-Con to answer questions and hopefully reveal new footage of the upcoming season. Before that, we can now enjoy Fox’s official Prison Break poster, courtesy of Wentworth Miller’s Instagram.

Lincoln has to save Michael in Yemen.
Lincoln has to save Michael in Yemen. Fox / Wentworth Miller

The actor, who you may also know as Captain Cold from Legends of Tomorrow on The CW, also spoke to EW about something fans noticed in the Prison Break trailer released last month: new tattoos.

“The tattoos are functional in a different way. It’s less of a blueprint. They serve a very specific purpose,” Miller told Entertainment Weekly .

After his near-death accident on set, Dominic Purcell told fans Michael survived electrocution and got caught up with an Islamic Terrorist organization. That’s why he’s in prison in Yemen.

“He’s walked a dark road. In the years since we last saw him, he’s been a part of some deep, dark government funded plots, and that’s left a mark on him. He is tortured by some of the things that he’s seen and that he’s participated in,” Miller added.

When Lincoln finds out his brother is alive, he immediately heads off to break him out of prison and bring him home.

What do Michael's new tattoos mean? Stay tuned for more Prison Break coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.

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