Prison Architect To Release Free DLC On May 14

Languages to be supported reduced.
New free DLC arriving.
New free DLC arriving. Paradox Interactive

Prison Architect announced that its upcoming free DLC is all set to be released on May 14. Titled Cleared for Transfer, this update is going to introduce a new mechanic to the prisons that you manage. There’s also going to be new content arriving as well.

Once the DLC arrives, players are going to be able to move an inmate from one Security Sector to another, provided that their behavior meets the requirements set. With the Prisoner Transfers feature, inmates that want to transfer need to meet the player’s expectations. Yes, players are the one to make the conditions on how prisoners can transfer to a sector with a lower security level. Players can even use the benefits as an Incentive in order to ensure that the transfer appeals to the inmates.

In addition to Prisoner Transfers, there are also going to be Special Privileges. Privileges are assigned to a security section and gives prisoners that crucial motivation to apply for a transfer. Inmates that are placed in high security areas can see what privileges are afforded to those belonging to the lower security sectors.

There’s also going to be Room Grading, which allows players to grade other rooms that include classrooms, common rooms, and even yards, among others. Custom Security Sectors results in players now being able to create areas that can have customized security sectors. These can include prisoners placed on different security levels. Finally, there is New Actions and Enhancement where players can now start actions that include lockdowns, shakedowns, and tunnel searches.

It’s not just Cleared for Transfer, as another update is also arriving in Bucket. These updates offer quality of like changes, more items, and even more cosmetic choices. There’s even going to be a new Gym.

Language Support

Prison Architect also revealed that it’s lowering the number of languages supported. In a statement, the team at Paradox Interactive said the reason for this was to make sure that the development on new content remains sustainable. Currently, Prison Architect supports 26 languages and this has become difficult “to maintain to an acceptable level of quality without impacting the development of upcoming content and highly anticipated features." The number of languages supported is going to be lowered to 15. This is going into effect from Cleared for Transfer moving forward. This means previous versions will continue to have the original number of languages supported.

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