Key Features of Prison Architect Second Chances Expansion

Ready to give a second chance?
Ready to give a second chance? Paradox Interactive

For some people, prison is about keeping dangerous people away from society. But some believe that prison is also about helping people become better. That’s exactly what the upcoming expansion for Prison Architect is all about. Second Chances expansion introduces rehabilitation programs to the game where inmates can have their sentences reduced and be reintegrated into society.

The expansion arrives on June 16 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The version for Nintendo Switch will be dropping on June 29.

Key features of this new expansion include:

  • Return to Reform
    • Players can offer non-work programs to inmates to remove their negative traits and improve their behaviors.
    • Non-work programs include:
      • Animal Therapy
      • Meet and Greet
      • Former Prisoner Classes
  • Good Behavior
    • The sentences of inmates can be lowered or increased based on what they do.
    • It’s now possible to send back re-offenders to prison.
  • Room for Improvement
    • Inmates that have existing or earned work credentials get to become vendors not only to prisoners but even to visitors in inmate-run rooms.
  • ​Back to Society
    • By joining different work and training programs, inmates get to earn work credentials.

In a post, Prison Architect Games Design Manager Gaz Wright revealed rehabilitating inmates is one of the features that they have been looking into for quite some time. In this particular expansion, Wright added that the programs being used are the same ones implemented in many correctional facilities in the real world. He went on to say that they hope this gives the game an even more authentic feel.

In Prison Architect, players take on the role of a CEO running a for-profit prison company. Players are tasked with managing different features of the prison-like building facilities, ensuring that utilities are in place, and managing staff.

The game is inspired by games like the Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital. Those who have been playing the game for quite some time can up the challenge by putting in additional conditions. These can increase the game’s difficulty and even simulate conditions nearer to reality.

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