‘Prey’ Weapons And Gadgets Trailer Shows Off Morgan Yu’s Arsenal Aboard Talos I

Prey's first hour is fantastic, and makes us want the rest of it right now Arkane Studios

We’ve seen aliens. We’ve seen powers. Now, Bethesda’s showing off the latest gadgets and gear for its upcoming game, Prey.

Now, you can’t fight the Typhon without a little help from science. There’s a weapon in Prey called the Gloo Canon that spews a paralyzing foam at your enemies, a Typhon lure that will help gather the enemies in one spot -- especially those pesky Mimics -- and much more gadgets to play around with.

There’s also a gadget called the Recylcer Charge that uses energy fields to create a blast. However, it’s not an explosive. We know it sounds confusing, but you’ll have to check out the trailer below to see it for yourself.

In Prey , you’ll play as scientist Morgan Yu, humanity’s only hope to keep the Typhon from wiping out mankind. Yu’s crew aboard Talos I have studied the species, only to realize they should’ve never let the aliens aboard their ship.

Yu seemingly volunteers to use Neuromods, brain implants which are supposed to assist in saving humanity, but something goes terribly wrong. Yu is stuck in timeloop, forced to relive the same day over and over, resetting the memories at the end of each day.

There are many secrets aboard Talos I. Will you find them all? Prey will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 5.

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