Pre-Orders for Rainbow Six Siege Collector’s Case Now Closed

A good collection indeed.
A good collection indeed. Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is a game all about strategy and team coordination. However, there are probably times when a player imagines what it feels like to do all those in real life. That’s going to be a bit difficult but the Rainbow Six Siege Collector’s Case is offering a taste of that. Players and fans can try what it means to hold Sledge's signature hammer.

Exciting as that may seem, the problem is that the pre-order for the item appears closed, or rather the site shows that the item is sold out. Then again, it’s a bit expected considering only 7,000 units are planned to be released this fall.

Just in case Ubisoft changes its mind and offers more in the future, here’s what fans and players can expect from this Collector’s Case:

  • Physical Content
    • The high-end Ubicollectibles replica of Sledge’s hammer.
      • This is a 1:2 scale replica and measures 50 cm in length.
      • It comes with a display stand and is made of PVC, ABS, and fabric.
    • An authenticity certificate that includes a thank-you letter written and signed by the production team.
    • It’s numbered from 1 to 7,000.
    • The Sparkle Tachanka Chibi straight out of the Rainbow is Magic event.
    • A gold-colored IQ keychain that highlights the gadget-finding GSG9 Operator of Rainbow Six Siege .
    • A set of three lithographs designed by talented artists from the Rainbow Six Siege community.
    • A unique embroidered cloth patch that shows the owner is part of the Team Rainbow.
    • The Collector’s Box with artwork inspired by Rainbow Six Siege .
  • ​Digital Content
    • An exclusive Tachanka Sparkle Chibi charm inspired by the Rainbow is Magic event.
    • ​The Tachanka Sparkle Bundle includes:
      • That Pink Camo uniform
      • The Unicorn headgear
      • TA-CHAN-KA charm
      • Glitter Rainbow weapon skin for:
        • 9x19VSN
        • DP27
  • Early access for the Zero Platinized Bundle has:
    • Windbreaker uniform
    • Chrome-plated headgear
    • Tempered Alloy weapon skin for:
      • MP7
      • 5.7 USG
      • SC3000K
  • ​Early Access for the Iana Byte Set offers:
    • Terminal Framework uniform
    • Terminal Program headgear
    • Aegis Gemini charm
    • Datum processor weapon skin for the ARX200.
  • A set of three iconic weapon skins includes:
    • Cramoisi weapon skin for MP5
    • Ombre weapon skin for SG-CQB
    • Extravagance weapon skin for D-50
  • The Ubicollectibles replica of Sledge’s hammer comes with a unique code that unlocks a weapon skin for Sledge’s L85A2 gun.
  • ​The Sparkle Tachanka Chibi also includes a unique code to unlock a Tachanka chibi charm.

Here’s hoping that Ubisoft decides to produce more.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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