Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major Group A and B Highlights: Day 1

Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major
Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major just concluded its first playday of groups. Each group has four teams and one team will be eliminated by the end of the group stage. The matches are played in a double round-robin format so that teams can play against each other twice. Unfortunately, Group B will only have three teams, as Knights are unable to attend the Major due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Group A

BDS Esport vs. CYCLOPS athlete gaming

The match between these two teams was played on Clubhouse. The Thatcher and Maverick bans make the map really defender-sided as teams would have a hard time opening walls and hatches. Despite the map being defender-sided, BDS was able to win four rounds on attack because of their coordination. This led to a 4-2 scoreline in favor of BDS. The second half was easy for BDS as well, and they won three rounds and finished the game with a 7-3 scoreline.

Susquehanna Soniqs vs. CYCLOPS athlete gaming

This match was played on Chalet, which is an attacker-sided map. The viewers expected Soniqs to win the game as they have more LAN experience and have played the map often in their own leagues. CAG started on defense and was able to keep the first half even with a 3-3 scoreline. After the side switch, CAG played aggressively, which got them four rounds to close the game. Soniqs were unable to get trades against CAG since the latter had better gunfights.

Group B

FURIA Esports vs. Spacestation Gaming

This match was played on Coastline, which is an attacker-sided map. SSG’s aggressive playstyle on attack allowed them to win four rounds in the first half, which resulted in a 4-2 split. After the side switch, FURIA was able to win rounds. FURIA seemed to be more comfortable on attack and they got the game to overtime. The final few rounds were close as both teams were only able to win on attack. FURIA got the attack on the final round and won the game with an 8-7 scoreline. It could have gone the other way around if SSG was on the attack instead.

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