Meet Rainbow Six Siege’s First Transgender Operator

New Operator: Osa
New Operator: Osa Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Crystal Guard brings a new operator on attack called Osa. She is the first transgender operator in the game, which expands the diversity of operators. She is available to play in the Technical Test Server and will make her way into the live build when Operation Crystal Guard is launched.

Osa’s gadget, Talon-8 Shield, is basically a transparent deployable shield, which can be placed on the ground or on window frames. This gadget is pretty similar to Mira’s Black Mirror, as Osa can just place the shield and peek around it without being worried about getting hit. Osa can also run around with the shield similar to Blitz, Montagne, and Fuze, which should allow her to get intel and then peek accordingly. The concept sounds pretty strong since Osa can tank bullets and shoot back at enemies when they are distracted.

Osa’s shield can easily be countered by defenders if they throw a C4, impact grenade, or even a melee attack to make it difficult for attackers to see through it. Osa’s gadget has a small canister attached to the corner of the shield, which can be destroyed to open the shield. Attackers can take advantage of the opened shield and use it like Mira’s gadget.

Osa will make window peeking even stronger on certain maps, like Consulate and Coastline, where players have to rappel windows to cut rotations. Osa has two primary weapons, the 556xi and PDW. The 556xi has a low fire rate and has no recoil, which is amazing at long-range fights. On the other hand, the PDW is a high fire rate weapon with lots of ammo. But this gun is mainly used in close combat situations. The secondary weapon is a PMM, a high damage low ammo count gun. Osa also brings stun grenades to help her clear utility on sites. Plus, Claymores that she can use to hold flanks.

The operator will be quite overpowered and difficult to deal with at the start, but players will eventually find Osa’s weakness and counter it.

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