Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Update 2.0.0 Brings New Features, Bug Fixes

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Steam

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers recently released its “The Nightshift with Friends" update. This added new features and made gameplay changes. The developers have launched a co-op multiplayer mode and a new Nightshift mode. The co-op multiplayer mode is the most interesting feature as you get to patrol the city with your friend and hand out tickets.

The new Nightshift mode takes place late at night. The city does have lanterns hanging around, but players can also use new items like flashlights and road flares to illuminate dark areas. The road flares can be used to mark accident sites more clearly.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Update 2.0.0

Other New Features
  • New Violation: Smoking Exhaust
  • New Violation: Engine too loud
  • New Violation: Broken Headlights
  • New Feature: Standard key binding for Focus Mode
  • New Feature: Customizable shift duration
  • New Feature: Hotkeys for frequently used functions
  • Reduced the chances for dynamic accidents to happen by ~50% overall
  • Implemented pause while handbook, board computer, or map is open
  • CP loss and SP gain are now displayed immediately
  • Adjusted XP calculation to reduce the effect of CP loss
  • Added Stolen Car detainment reason in background checks
  • Fixed an issue that caused pulling over a vehicle after being verified with speeding gun to be marked as unjustified
  • Balanced the priorities of evidence intuition feedback based on the severity of violation types
  • Added new loading screen tooltips for Handicap Placard and Brighton's private taxi company Shift!
  • Added new tutorial images for multiple languages
  • You can now open the Police Computer while talking to NPCs
  • Updated casual mode highlight arrow
  • Fixed some minor text formatting issues on ID cards
  • Added distinction for beta and stable savegames
  • Fixed honking while exiting the patrol car causing the game to crash
  • Fixed issue that could lead the game to crash when accepting a major accident callout
  • Fixed a bunch of other crashes
  • Fixed issue with loading saved games that were corrupted by quitting out of the game during first loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where wanted NPC didn't match description
  • Updated startup logos

You can read more about the update here.

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