Ultra Necrozma & Naganadel Get New Trailers For Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon

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Ultra Necrozma is the strongest Legendary Pokemon Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company has finally come clean. One of its secrets from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon  has been revealed in  a brand new trailer that shows off how Ultra Necrozma looks as it transforms in the closing scenes of the story.

In the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer  we learn that what makes Ultra Necrozma special is that it was pegged to be stronger than even Mega Rayquaza. Anyone who has had the pleasure of encountering it know that this is true.

Check out the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer below.

Ultra Necrozma is a Psychic and Dragon-type Pokémon with the unique ability, Neuroforce. Neuroforce allows Ultra Necrozma’s super effective attacks to deal more damage than they normally would. And because this Legendary Pokémon gets access to an array of different moves it isn’t hard to find an attack that can take out Pokémon in one shot.


Also, Ultra Necrozma has its own unique Z-Crystal. If Ultra Necrozma knows the move Photon Geyser it can unleash a powerful Z-Move called “The Light That Burns the Sky,” and its damage output depends on  Ultra Necrozma’s Attack or Special Attack, whichever is higher. It also ignores the opponent’s ability.

The new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer also confirms the existence of Naganadel, the evolved form of Poipole. The Poison and Dragon-type Ultra Beast evolves from a Poipole that knows Dragon Pulse. Naganadel’s UB codename was also revealed in the new trailer and it is also known as UB Stinger.

This new Ultra Beast isn’t the only new Pokémon introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. You can find information on all the new Ultra Beasts in the video below.

So what do you think of Ultra Necrozma and Naganadel? Did you enjoy Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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