Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Move Tutor, Ultra Necrozma Revealed

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ultra necrozma pokemon ultra sun and moon
Necrozma's new form in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company released a brand new trailer for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon showing a returning feature and a secret behind Necrozma, the Legendary Pokémon at the center of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Check out the brand new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer below.

In the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer, the Move Tutor returns. It lets trainers spend Battle Points to teach their Pokémon moves they wouldn’t learn otherwise.

Battle Points can be earned in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon via the Mantine Ride surfing mini game. There may be other ways to earn Battle Points, like Sun and Moon had in the Battle Tree and Battle Royal Dome, but until the games are released we can’t confirm those two features will return.

Some of the Move Tutor moves shown in the trailer are Pain Split, Tailwind, Thunder Punch, Endeavor, Focus Punch, Icy Wind and Zen Headbutt. The new trailer also shows Incineroar use Drain Punch, Zapdos use Heat Wave, Golisopod use Drill Run, Celesteela use Stamping Tantrum, Glalie using Iron Head, Minior use Dazzling Gleam and much more.

The Move Tutor in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will strengthen many of Alola’s Pokémon with a ton of coverage options to counter Pokémon they may not do well against.

As for Necrozma, the new trailer shows Necrozma using Ultra Burst, which acts like a Z-Move in conjunction with the brand new move, Photon Geyser. Using this move will transform Necrozma into a new form.

Rumblings around leaked versions of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon state that this Ultra Necrozma will rival Mega Rayquaza in terms of base stat totals, which is something no trainer wants to face.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will release for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 17.

Which Pokémon do you want to teach a move to using the Move Tutor? What do you think of Necrozma’s new form? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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