‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Mega Stone List And Locations: When Can You Get Mega Evolution In Alola?

‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Mega Stone List And Locations
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Mega Evolutions should return in Pokemon Sun and Moon
Mega Evolutions should return in Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Company

Mega Evolutions were the game-changer in Gen 6, taking older and more popular Pokémon and giving them an added (albeit temporary) evolution to make them more competitive in battle.

However, with Pokémon Sun and Moon and the introduction to Gen 7 we now have Z-Crystals. For all intents and purposes, Z-Moves are replacing Mega Evolutions in official tournaments and in Sun and Moon.

But for those who long for Mega Evolutions, fear not as you will have access to a Mega Ring and Mega Stones as soon as you defeat the main story of Sun and Moon.


Remember Dexio and Sibb from the Kalos Region? They traveled to Alola to find out about Zygarde Cells and Cores and task you with finding them. However, once you beat the main story you’ll run into them again.

On your way to the Battle Tree on Ancient Poni Path, you’ll meet the duo once again only this time, Dexio will challenge you to a battle.

Defeat Dexio and he will give you the Mega Evolution function on your Z-Ring. He will also give you the Mega Stone for Alakazam.


Rayquaza is a unique Pokémon that can Mega Evolve without needing a Mega Stone. It does need to know the move Dragon Ascent, and Sun and Moon has an NPC that will teach your Rayquaza the powerful attack for free.

Go to the Seafolk Village PokeCenter and speak to the older man there. He will ask to teach Dragon Ascent.

Teach your Rayquaza Dragon Ascent and you’ll have access to a Mega Rayquaza.


Most of the Mega Stones in Alola is found in the Battle Tree. By earning Battle Points you can purchase certain Mega Stones for your team.

However, the Mega Stones offered at the Battle Tree does not include all of the Mega Stones in existence.

The location of the others are still unknown but we will update as soon as we learn more.


Gengarite (64 BP)

Scizorite (64 BP)

Pinsirite (64 BP)

Aerodactylite (64 BP)

Lucarionite (64 BP)

Kangaskhanite (64 BP)

Gyaradosite (64 BP)

Absolite (64 BP)

Alakazite (64 BP)

Garchompite (64 BP)

Sablenite (64 BP)

Metagrossite (64 BP)

Sharpedonite (64 BP)

Slowbronite (64 BP)

Glalitite (64 BP)

Salamencite (64 BP)


Charizardite X

Charizardite Y




Beedrillite and Mawilite

Mewtwoite X and Y

Sceptileite, Blazikinite and Swampertite

Pidgeotite and Steelixite

Audinoite and Medichamite

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