‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’: Starter Evolution Z-Moves Confirmed, New Ultra Beasts And Alola Diglett Revealed

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pokemon sun and moon decidueye z move
Decidueye using its Z-Move. Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company has one last video to show before the official release of the Gen 7 games and in this new trailer we have the Final Starter Evolution Z-Moves and brand new Ultra Beasts.

Check out the final Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer below.

November’s issue of CoroCoro revealed that Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina would have their own specific Z-Moves in Sun and Moon. The trailer shows the Decidueye’s Z-Move is Sinister Arrow Raid, Incineroar’s is Malicious Moonsault and Primarina’s is Oceanic Operetta.

The three final evolution starters join Pikachu, Alola Raichu, Eevee and Snorlax as the only confirmed Pokémon in Sun and Moon that have their own specific Z-Move.

Two new Ultra Beasts have also been revealed. UB-03 Lighting, which seems like it uses an electric-type attack on a poor Slowbro.

pokemon sun and moon ultra beast 3 lighting
The new ultra beast, Lighting Photo: Pokemon Company

UB-05 Glutton that seems to use a Steel-type attack on a Carbink, but that’s not confirmed as of yet.

ultra beast glutton pokemon sun and moon
Ultra Beast Glutton in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Photo: Pokemon Company

Players who have played the special Sun and Moon demo may already know that Alola Dugtrio exists, but The Pokémon Company officially reveals Alola Diglett and Dugtrio. They are Ground and Steel-type Pokémon with the abilities Sand Veil and Tangled Hair.

Tangled Hair is a brand new ability that lowers the speed of any Pokémon that uses a direct contact move.

alola diglett dugtrio pokemon sun and moon
Alola Diglett and Dugtrio in Pokemon Sun and Moon Photo: Pokemon Company

There will be plenty of in-game events when you first pick up Pokémon Sun and Moon like the special Ash-Greninja or the special Munchlax you can download so be sure to do that and stay tuned to iDigitalTimes for all your Sun and Moon news.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will release Nov. 18.

So what are your thoughts on the final Sun and Moon trailer? Let us know which version you are choosing in the comments section below.

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