Pokémon Go Testing New Features For Improved Gameplay And More Goodies

Pinsir Raid Day has been cancelled.
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More testing being done.
More testing being done. Niantic

It looks like Pokémon Go is not stopping anytime soon when it comes to making players happy. Developer Niantic has been working on adapting its gameplay to meet individual settings and recently announced it was testing two new features. This is on top of the new and different features already being tested.

Features already being tested

Earlier, Pokémon Go announced that it was testing what is known as Reality Blending. This feature hopes to improve the augmented reality aspect of the game even further. Then there is PokéStop Scanning that hopes to enhance the map being used in the game. You can read more about that here.

That wasn’t the only feature being tested. Earlier this month, Pokémon Go was testing out Trainers being able to personalize Gifts and then be able to send it to their friends. Learn more about this upcoming nifty feature here.

Pokémon Encounters

Right now, the game is testing what they are calling daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters. To test this feature, a limited group of Trainers have been chosen who get a chance to have a special visit from none other than Professor Willow. The Professor is going to tell these lucky Trainers that he is currently working on a special kind of Incense.

While the Incense isn’t going to appear in the item bag of the Trainers, it’s going to be active once players gets it from Professor Willow. This one is going to attract Pokémon once a day and the best thing is that they’re going to appear only to the Trainer having the Incense.

Daily Free Boxes

This is another feature that’s also being tested and, like the first one, involves a select number of Trainers. For those that managed to be part of this test, their Shop button is going to show a notification when a Daily Free Box is available. This means that to get the Daily Free Box, all that needs to be done is to go to the shop and then claim the item under the Free section. The box is going to offer different items each time.

Pokémon Go revealed that these two new features are going to be rolled out to more Trainers over the coming months.

Raid Day Update

Pokémon Go announced that the Pinsir Raid Day has been cancelled. This was initially scheduled for Sunday, June 28. No reason was given for why the event was cancelled.

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