Pokémon Go Players Reporting Worldwide Spawn-Point Change

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Players suggest that Niantic made some changes to the game's spawn-points.
Players suggest that Niantic made some changes to the game's spawn-points. Niantic

Pokémon Go players across the world have taken to social media to share observations about spawn-point changes in the game. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Players are reporting on The Silph Road that Niantic made some spawn point changes recently. Others have even gone on to suggest that they have seen significant reductions in some areas. Some trainers are also pointing out that after an hour or so, there were at least six Pokémon spawns within the range of the nearest Pokéstop.

The only catch with spawn-point changes is that Niantic does not announce it. In fact, no official sources, as of this writing, can be linked to these observations from either the studio or the Pokémon Company. The only discussion about this can be found on Reddit and other social media platforms.

Interestingly, though, Niantic has addressed the changes they made as to how Pokémon can be encountered in-game. The studio did not necessarily point to how these pocket monsters can spawn within an area, but it does seem to suggest their surface rate in-game. As far as the consensus among players is concerned, these spawn-point changes are happening, with some of them being moved despite no official announcement from the developers.

In related Pokémon Go news, reports suggest that the hit mobile game could soon add the new electric/ghost Pokémon Rotom. This one right here comes from the fourth generation of Pokémon. The narrative comes from a mysterious tweet courtesy of Niantic, hinting at a plausible release of the new pocket monster.

According to the tweet, Professor Willow was able to obtain a suspicious folder found hidden on his computer. Apparently, the folder appears to have been corrupted.

Although the post did not mention anything related to a new Pokémon, fans were quick to suggest that the tweet points to a new Pokémon release. Currently, Niantic has kept everything under wraps and no further details about Professor Willow’s discovery have surfaced. Interestingly, the community already seems to know what this new Pokémon will be.

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