'Pokémon Go' Developer Niantic Speaks Out About 3-Step Glitch, Lack Of Communication And Pokevision Ban

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Team Rocket and Niantic might be the same thing
Team Rocket and Niantic might be the same thing reddit

Niantic, creators of the incredibly popular mobile game Pokémon Go , have had terrible communication with their fans. Since the game’s launch, Niantic has had little to nothing to say about the three-step glitch, server issues or glitches in the game.

A vocal group of pissed off players have been taking to reddit to share their displeasure with what many believed to be the Pokémon game we all wanted since we were children. After the game’s last update on July 31, which fixed none of it’s problems, players flocked to the Android App store to give Pokémon Go a one-star review and even started asking for refunds.

It might not be much, but Niantic has finally released a statement on their Facebook about the last update that pissed off a lot of devoted fans. They removed the 3-step counter from Pokémon Go to “improve upon the underlying design. The original feature, although enjoyed by many, was also confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals.”

Third-party apps like Pokevision were banned because they were “interfering with (their) ability to maintain quality of service to Pokémon Go players around the world.” I stopped playing Pokémon Go once Pokevision went extinct like a Kabuto. I’m not going to spend hours aimlessly wandering around, hoping to trip over more Pidgeys and Caterpies.

Niantic says that they are still planning to bring the game to places that haven’t gotten the game yet, like Brazil. The company understands players’ frustrations and are working hard to resolve the game’s problems. They claim that they haven’t been Tweeting about updates on the game because they’ve been working hard fixing it. Does Niantic know that you can pay someone to do community outreach, a community manager of sorts?

Hopefully, everything gets sorted out and we can all go back to catching Pokémon and enjoying ourselves. Until then, i’ll be living under a rock until Pokémon Sun and Moon come out.

Pokémon Go
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