Platin & Yu Shin Join the Roster of Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Seven Knights Idle Adventure Platin
Guess who's joining the roster? Netmarble

A new game update has been released for Seven Knights Idle Adventure which adds new Legendary heroes to the game. There's two of them added and they are Platin and Yu Shin.

Platin is a member of the Dark Knights and a melee type hero. He can deal damage to a single target while having a skill which can deal extra damage that's equal to the Max HP of the target. When a Critical Hit Attack is successfully activated, he receives a buff which can enhance Bonus Damage Rate and gives a debuff to decrease final Evasion of the damaged target.

The second Legendary hero is Yu Shin, who's also a melee type hero. Unlike Platin, his skill allows him to deal damage in an area around the target. He is able to release a Curse Debuff that can disable HP Recovery of the target. He also has Paralysis Debuff. His Critical Hit Attack meanwhile increases the final Accuracy of all allies and increases Final Damage when attacking a Cursed enemy.

Aside from new heroes, the new update also adds stages 16,801 to 17,600. There's also new content like Stage Boost which is a player-friendly service that allows them to jump across stages and earn rewards. Players can now also access Artifacts that's dropped in Nightmare.

In-Game Events

The new update also launches new in-game events for everyone to enjoy. These are:

  • Hero Rate Up Summon Event
    • Summon rates have increased for select heroes during these dates:
      • Platin (June 13 to June 26)
      • Yu Shin (June 20 to July 3)
      • Four Lords (June 13 to June 26)
  • Endless Castle Wall Carnival (June 13 to June 26)
    • Players can obtain Feng Yan and Soi, as well as the portrait of Soi.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is a successor to the original Seven Knights game but reimagined as an idle RPG. It was developed to ensure that the game experience is not affected despite using devices that have low capacity and low specifications. The guiding principle was easy playability with players enjoying an expanded storyline. The game has players collect and nurture returning fan-favorites but reborn as cute SD characters.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download on mobile platforms through Google Play and the App Store.

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