The Four Lords of Old is Finally Complete in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Seven Knights Idle Adventure Karma
They're now complete! Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights Idle Adventure which introduces a new legendary hero to the game. Players should be happy to know that it's none other than Karma, who is the final member of the Four Lords of Old.

Karma is a Defense type hero able to strengthen the firepower and viability of his allies. His skills let him cast a shield to his allies while giving him to debuff his enemies. Each time Karma lands a critical hit, he is able to give a buff to allies while at the same time increasing the final damage on attacking enemies that's been inflicted with Karma.

Players can also look forward to checking out the Legendary Hero Amelia. This new melee hero is specialized in PvP and introduced to the game as part of the new update.

Guild War

The new update also adds to the game the Guild War. This is a 30v30 PvP mode where guilds get to fight against each other while also getting the chance to increase their Destruction Score. To participate in this mode, guilds need to have at least 20 members. Those able to win get to receive rewards that include the Medal of Honor and level up their Emblem growth system.

Other New Content

Additional new content introduced to the game through the new update is the Salem Challenger Pass. This is available until May 1 and gives players the chance to get the Legendary Hero Salem. There's also a new Special Dungeon Boss that players can fight, which is the Giant Spider.

In-game Events

Of course, new in-game events have been launched which are available until May 1. These are:

  • The Rate Up Summon Event
    • Obtain heroes that include Karma, Amelia, Zahara and Nezha.
  • Spirited Mages' Carnival Event
    • Players can earn points which can be exchanged for the Legendary heroes Salem, Tara and Noa.
    • There are also various rewards available like Hero Summon Tickets, Gold, and Hero EXP, to name a few.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is based on the Seven Knights game and can even be seen as a successor to the original title though it's been reimagined as an idle RPG. It was developed by focusing on low capacity and low specification devices but keeping in mind easy playability. Players get to experience an expanded storyline with previously untold episodes of the original Seven Knights heroes. Get to collect and nurture returning fan favorites who have been reborn as cute SD characters.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available on mobile platforms through Android and iOS.

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