Get Ready for Some Hot Content with the Summer Update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure

7KIA Summer Update
Things are getting hot. Netmarble

Summer is here and it's time to enjoy some fun under the sun. A new update has been released for Seven Knights Idle Adventure and is, of course, summer themed. There's a lot of hot new content to enjoy like the addition of Legendary Heroes.

The four new Legendary heroes joining the roster are:

  • Biya
    • This ranged type hero has abilities that are sure to be useful for new players.
    • She can give a buff which can increase the Critical Hit rate for all allies when engaged in combat.
    • She is also known for a stun debuff along with a buff that increases her Critical Hit rate.
  • Shane (Swimsuit)
    • This a melee type hero has a skill that pulls enemies and deals powerful AoE damage.
    • She also has a buff that increases the bonus damage rate to her allies and herself.
  • Karin (Swimsuit)
    • A support type hero that powers up the viability of her allies.
    • Her skills can increase allies' final HP and continuously recover allies' HP during combat.
    • When her Critical Hit attack activates, she recovers all allies' HP.
  • May (Swimsuit)
    • A ranged type hero who can make use of debuffs to destroy the enemy's formation.
    • She can decrease the Critical Hit rate and the Critical Hit Rate Resist of the enemies damaged by her active skill.
    • Her Critical Hit can decrease the Reduction Rate when activated.

Aside from the new heroes, stages 16,001 - 16,800 have been added to the game. Meanwhile the Max Level of heroes has been increased to Lv. 80.

New In-Game Events

The new update launches a bunch of limited-time events for everyone to enjoy. The Summer Vacance Carnival Event for example, which runs through June 12, has players obtain different rewards that include May (Swimsuit), Karin (Swimsuit), and May (Swimsuit) Portrait. These rewards are available through event currency which can be earned by clearing missions.

Other events are:

  • Biya Special Check-in Event (May 30 to June 26)
    • Players get the chance to obtain rewards like Biya and Biya Portrait when logging into the game.
  • Summer Festival Challenger Pass (May 30 to June 26)
    • Players can obtain Karin (Swimsuit) and May (Swimsuit).

Players can also get the Master Pass, available from June 6 to June 12, and gives players the chance to obtain Rubies.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download on mobile platforms through Google Play and the App Store.

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