'Persona' Series Honest Trailer Full Of Waifu Goodness And Goth Pokémon

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The 'P5' protagonist clears the battlefield with an All-Out Attack.
The 'P5' protagonist clears the battlefield with an All-Out Attack. Atlus

The Smosh Games YouTube channel released a new Honest Game Trailer for the Persona series, in honor of the release of Persona 5. We would have preferred a P5-specific trailer, but we’ll take it. It’s well worth a watch for new and longstanding Persona fans.

For a brief video, it manages to touch on a lot of the key strengths and weaknesses of the series: the crazy boss designs, traveling to the meat dimension, insta-kill death spells, collecting all the waifus and so on. But how could they not mention the music? Even if a 80-hour dungeon crawler / social sim isn’t your cup of tea, who could resist the toe-tapping craziness of a Persona soundtrack?

Check out the Persona honest trailer below:

We do, however, have one objection to this new Honest Trailer: “best girl” Chie? She’s a fun character and a solid party member, but from our point of view there are way better girls to crush on in the Persona series. For us, it’s a toss-up between P5 newcomer Futaba and P4’s high school detective Naoto. Of course, these kinds of arguments about who to romance are one of the most delightful parts of the series.

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Here’s hoping we get a female MC option in Persona 5 Golden (which could already be in the works), so we can live out our dreams of romancing the articulate weirdo painter Yusuke and friendzoning the shit out of that try-hard Mishima. But even if P5G happens, our hearts will always belong to P3’s adorable brawler Akihiko and his fetching tee / speedo combo.

What do you think of the Persona series Honest Trailer? Who’s your favorite Social Link / Confidant to romance? Feel free to chat all things Persona in the comments.

Persona 5
A Golden-Age JRPG For The Modern Era
Persona 5 brings the franchise’s hallmarks -- deep turn-based combat, Pokémon-esque monster crafting and Japanese high school life -- into the modern console era with impeccable panache.
  • Gripping, twisty-turny story
  • Collect all the waifus!
  • Rapid-fire turn-based combat
  • Infectious soundtrack
  • Literally everything
  • A cat making you go to bed when you're not tired
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