Persona 5 Strikers is Launching on February 23

Pre-orders start December 10.
Ready to help the Phantom Thieves?
Ready to help the Phantom Thieves? ATLUS

It looks like the Phantom Thieves are back and there’s no stopping them from striking back against corruption. Also, players can take the journey with them as Persona 5 Strikers are coming on February 23, 2021. It will become available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

If you’re excited about this, pre-orders for either digital and physical versions for all platforms are live starting December 10 at 7:00 PM ET.

The Story

Players can look forward to the New Story and Sights. The deep story campaign combined with the thrilling combat allows for a true Persona experience. Players get to visit six different cities across Japan. They also get to cook regional recipes, and of course, help those in need. Then, there’s the fight against the Shadows to learn more about the source of the corruption. The game is structured to bring excitement to both longtime fans or newbies.

Players can Fight with Style by attacking enemies through the hybrid battle system. It offers combat mechanics mixed with pause-and-plan sequences. This lets players decide what their next move should be. Make use of different strategies like ambushing enemies to get the needed advantage. Players can even exploit elemental weaknesses to strike opponents down. Finally, there’s the All-Out Attack to deal the final blow.

To make the most of the game, it’s important to Harness the Full Strength of the Phantom Thieves. This makes all Phantom Thieves fully playable. You can use their skills and even summon their Personas to experience elegant combat. Players can also fight using their own style.

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