Payday 2: Update 215 Introduces Infamy 3.3 and Starbreeze Account

Payday 2 Update 215
Payday 2 Update 215 Steam

Payday 2 has received an update recently that introduces new Infamy rewards. Also, those who will link their Steam accounts to their Starbreeze accounts will receive some nice goodies.

Infamy 3.3

In Payday 2, the Infamy system marks your progression. You can earn rewards as you rise through the ranks. Once you reach Level 100 the first time, you can decide to go infamous. If you do, your skill progression would go back to Level 1 but you will start to receive new rewards as you climb back up again.

Here is a rundown of some of the things that you can get in Infamy 3.3:

  • Boardroom Havoc suit
  • Vile Carny mask
  • Red Drop weapon charm
  • Chromatic Break weapon color
  • Digital Pistons gloves
  • More weapon charms (at Ranks 44, 54, 64)
    • Handy Blunderbuss
    • Ben’s Toast
    • Ancient Peak
  • More weapon colors (Ranks 33, 43, 53, 63)
    • Dead Rust
    • Splintered
    • Liquid Geode
    • Line Phased

Starbreeze Accounts

The game is developed by OVERKILL, which is a Starbreeze studio. That said, if you create a Starbreeze account and link it to your existing Steam account, you can get exclusive goodies, such as:

  • Discerning Dandy suit
  • Frayed Harvest mask
  • Spike & Bone weapon charm
  • Frequency weapon color

You can expect more rewards in the future. You can learn more about Starbreeze accounts here.

Update 215

Infamy 3.3 is part of Update 215, which also includes general improvements, bug fixes, and weapon balancing changes. For instance, the damage penalty of the Compact-5 Submachine Gun’s Ninja Barrel has been removed.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fixed a crash related to launching the game while having an unavailable item equipped
  • Removed the ability to drop weapon skins from DLC that is no longer available for purchase
  • Affected Skins: Battle Zone, Chupacabra, Mansion Mauler
  • Fixed a graphical issue when wearing The Skeletal Heister outfit and inspecting various weapons
  • Fixed a graphical issue when wearing The Skeletal Heister outfit and inspecting the Deagle Pistol while certain gloves are equipped
  • Fixed some graphical issues with the loot bags
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the Black Cat heist where the thermite would not have any outline
  • Fixed an issue on the Black Cat heist where Xun Kang could leave the room while the objective to break the glass was still active
  • Fixed an issue on the Green Bridge heist where the cop that interrupts the balloon won’t stay by the balloon and soft locking the level until he is found
  • Grom Sniper Rifle
    • Concealment bonus of the Lightweight Stock increased to 3
  • Peacemaker .45 Revolver
    • Damage increased to 230
    • Max ammo decreased to 36
  • Compact-5 Submachine Gun
    • Damage penalty of the Ninja Barrel has been removed
    • Accuracy bonus of 4 has been added to the Ninja Barrel
    • Stability bonus of the Ninja Barrel has been decreased to 4
  • Kross Vertex Submachine Gun
    • Accuracy bonus of the Precision Barrel increased to 16
    • Concealment penalty of the Precision Barrel decreased to -3
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