Payday 2: The Midland Ranch Heist is Now Available

A new chapter is here.
A new chapter is here. OVERKILL

It's time to head south as the Midland Ranch Heist in Payday 2 has finally arrived. This is the first chapter of a new epic saga titled Texas Heat.

Now for those who can remember, the Southbound Tailor Pack was released in April, followed by the launch of the McShay Weapon Pack in May. With the Midland Ranch Heist now available, the Midland Bundle is finally complete, which you can get for $9.99.

Taking Out the Main Rival

In the Midland Ranch Heist, the crook and family man Blaine Keegan is looking to turn a new leaf and wants to leave a legacy for his family, one that's legal. That legacy involves all of Texas since he's set his eyes on the oil industry. Since Keegan wants to go legit, he'll be handing over his criminal empire to none other than Gemma McShay.

Gemma McShay has plans of her own and has approached the Payday Gang with a proposition. It's going to make some cash for the gang while allowing Gemma to take out her main rival. That rival is the gunrunner Esteban Santiago, who's been running his operation from a ranch compound in rural Texas. The ranch has a massive collection of weapon prototypes worth a fortune on the black market. If the gang brings those guns to Gemma, they get paid top dollar. If they can sabotage the workshop along the way, they get a nice bonus.

A New Enemy

There is one thing players need to look out for in this new content: the US Marshal Sharpshooter. They're feared by crooks and villains, and they're being introduced as a new enemy. They'll position themselves at a middle distance, further away than regular cops but not as far as snipers. They're going to come after players regardless of difficulty.

New Outfits

The Oil Baron Outfit is available to those who connect their Starbreeze account with Twitch and watch any drops-enabled stream. This giveaway ends July 21.

There's also a freebie from Prime Matter as part of their first anniversary. The Prime Matter Outfit is available for those with a synched Starbreeze Account.

Payday 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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