Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.1.1i Fixes Sosiel’s Quest, Select Game Mechanics

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Steam

A new update is now available for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Update 1.1.1i fixes a lot of quests. Some mechanics and class fixes are also implemented in this patch.

If you were having problems completing “A Farewell,” a quest in the Sosiel’s questline, update your game to proceed and finish it.

During the Siege of Drezen, there were times where you couldn't pass through the gates. This has been resolved, which means you could now go through them without a hitch.

For mechanics, Magnificent Fencing and Return Shooting will now work as intended. Additionally, the Constitution bleed can now be completely removed from a fully healed character.

Update 1.1.1i Highlights

  • Sosiel quest: "A Farewell" can be finished now
  • Sometimes Camellia refused to leave Drezen even after the player character had excluded her from the companions. We explained to her the common courtesy rules, and now she'll leave when she has to
  • Fixed: Sometimes the fates of Galfrey or Irabeth would register incorrectly (and the game could consider them dead when they were alive)
  • Camellia won't try to attack the commander in the epilogue anymore if you have completed her whole quest chain
  • Fixed: Seelah's final quest could result in two mutually exclusive outcomes
  • Fixed: Irabeth used to forget to take her sword and give a reward for it
  • Fixed Arueshalae's event in Alushinyrra Lower City
  • Fixed: Sometimes during the Siege of Drezen, it was impossible to pass through the gate. You shall pass now
  • Fixed: Trever was missing from the camp near Threshold
  • The game no longer crashes in crusade battles when the player attacks Mariliths
  • Fixed the issue when some companions participated in the council meetings from the blackness
  • Fixed: If you start moving the army on the global map and switched to the party, the sound of the army chip moving continued playing
  • Return Shooting now works according to description
  • Magnificent Fencing now works according to description
  • Constitution bleed can now be removed from fully healed character
  • Fixed: Quarry did not work right when multiple characters in party used it against the same target
  • Demon now gets Demonkind on the 5th mythic rank, not on 7
  • Fixed: Combat could get stuck if the mount was sickened, while rider was not and attempted an attack that required movement
  • Fixed: Mounts did not react correctly to noticing hidden objects while moving in turn-based mode
  • Fixed: Charge ability could fail if used to initiate turn-based combat
  • Fixed: No blood on wounded characters
  • Fixed: AOE spells showed wrong affected area
  • Fixed: Characters having wrong texture when changing equipment
  • Fixed: It was impossible to interact with some chests
  • Improved the mod window

While there are plenty of bug fixes, the developers at Owlcat Games said that there are two known issues in this patch. They will be fixed in the next hotfix.

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