Path of Exile Update 3.18.1 New Changes and Improvements, Patch Notes Here

Sentinel Expansion
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Path of Exile, the free-to-play online RPG developed and published by Grinding Gear Games, has received some love recently. Update 3.18.1 was released today and delivered lots of balancing changes, improvements, and bug fixes.

The patch reduced the damage done by the enraged slam attack of Molten Minotaur by 25%. Sentinels won’t empower Time-frozen Legion monsters anymore, and a Sentinel Locker has been added to the Guild Hideout Decorations list.

You can read some of the changes below:

  • The Thorned Vines debuff applied by monsters with the Entangler modifier no longer causes you to take 10% of your Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Chaos Damage if you use a travel skill while vined.
  • Monsters with the Magma Barrier modifier now only spawn Fire Volatiles when a player is within 70 units of them.
  • The Trickster Monster modifier can no longer be found on Monsters imprisoned in Essence Monoliths.
  • The number of Totems spawned from Rare Monster Packs with the Heralding Minions modifier is now limited to 5.
  • It is no longer possible to re-deploy a different Apex Sentinel to the one originally summoned in an Area with the "Apex Sentinels can be re-deployed after being dismissed" Runic Node allocated in the Sentinel Controller.
  • Essence Monoliths now display the modifiers and Tormented Spirits that are affecting or possessing the imprisoned Essence Monster.
  • Portals will now first open next to the Map Device interactable when opening a Map in the large Map Device.
  • Added a debuff visual for Wrath of the Cosmos to display how many stacks you have in an area.
  • Added a Controller input keybind for copying the above Favoured Map to the selected Favoured Map Slot.
  • Updated various Atlas Passive Skill, Sextant, and Eldritch Altar descriptions to clarify they only apply to the last Map Boss killed in a Map if there are multiple.
  • Updated Impossible Escape Unique Jewels obtained prior to the 3.18.0b patch that had rolled Phase Acrobatics to instead have Acrobatics.
  • Updated the description on the Purposeful Harbinger Cluster Jewel Notable to clarify it applies to Auras from your Skills, not those of your Allies.

As mentioned above, the patch also addressed multiple bugs and issues. You can read about it via the official site.

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