Path of Exile Crafting 101: How to Craft Flasks

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Flasks are very important in Path of Exile. In fact, some builds won't work without using the right ones. While there are unique flasks that already have established mods, did you know that you can actually craft some flasks yourself? Here, you will learn how to craft flasks to make your build shine.

Flask Crafting 101

Crafting flasks in Path of Exile is actually quite easy. The first thing that you need to do is get the right base. Now, which base you should choose depends on your build's needs.

For example, you will want mods that increase your critical strike chance if you are using a Tornado Shot Deadeye build with Crystallized Omniscience to deal very high damage. Because of this, incorporating a Diamond Flask into your build is recommended.

Now, flasks have a prefix and a suffix. Although they can roll numerous affixes, you should aim for Tier 3 mods or above to get the most out of them.

Here's a rundown of the affixes that you should consider rolling, regardless of the build:


  • Utility Flasks
    • Flagellant: Gain three charges when you are hit by an enemy
    • Surgeon: 31 to 35% chance to gain a flask charge when you deal a critical strike
    • Alchemist's: 23 to 27% reduced duration, 25% increased effect
  • Life Flasks
    • Seething: 66% reduced amount recovered, instant recovery
    • Bubbling: 36 to 39% reduced amount recovered, 135% increased recovery rate, 50% of recovery applied instantly
    • Panicked: 11 to 14% reduced amount recovered, instant recovery when on low life
  • Mana Flasks
    • Caustic: 65 to 75% increased mana recovered, removes 15% of mana recovered from life when used
    • Enduring: 66% reduced amount recovered, effect is not removed when unreserved mana is filled, effect does not queue
    • Foreboding: 66% increased amount recovered, mana recovery occurs instantly at the end of effect


  • Utility Flasks
    • Of the Impala: 56 to 60% increased evasion rating during effect
    • Of the Cheetah: 12 to 14% increased movement speed during effect
    • Of the Rainbow: 37 to 40% additional elemental resistances during effect
    • Of the Dove: 15 to 17% increased attack speed during effect
    • Of Incision: 50 to 55% increased critical strike chance during effect
    • Of Infliction: 31 to 34% chance to freeze, shock, and ignite during effect
    • Of the Owl: 60 to 65% reduced effect of curses during effect
  • Life Flasks
    • Of Assuaging: Grants bleeding/corrupted blood immunity for 15 to 17 seconds if used while affected by these status effects
    • Of Thawing: Grants immunity to chill/freeze for 15 to 17 seconds if used while affected by these status effects
  • Mana Flasks
    • Of the Sorceror: 26 to 29% reduced Mana cost of skills during flask effect
    • Of Assuaging: (See above)
    • Of Thawing: (See above)
    • Of Restraint: Hinders nearby enemies with 35 to 40% reduced movement speed if used while not on full mana

Once you have a suitable flask base and know which affixes you want, use some Glassblower's Bauble to improve the flask's quality to 20%. Then, do the alt-spamming method of crafting to get the mods. Simply use an Orb of Transmutation to turn a normal/white flask into a magic/blue flask then spam Orbs of Alteration to get the desired affixes.

When you are satisfied with the mods, go to the Crafting Bench and add your preferred flask implicit to cap things off. Ideally, you'd want to go for "Used when charges reach full" so that your flask will go off automatically when the specific condition is met. However, the choice is entirely up to you.

Alternatively, you can use Enkindling Orbs to get flask implicits like "% increased duration" or "% increased flask effect."

Path of Exile is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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