Path of Exile: GGG Finally Addressed Lower-Tier Passives in Crucible with Patch 3.21.0c

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Players can potentially craft amazing weapons in Path of Exile: Crucible. However, some lower-tier passives could prevent them from achieving that. Fortunately, Grinding Gear Games has recently disabled lower-tier passives in the Crucible Forge in Patch 3.21.0c.

For those who don’t know, the main league mechanic of the Crucible expansion lets players imbue their weapons with powerful passive skill trees. The passives that can appear on each weapon are completely random, thus it is possible to “brick” a weapon right off the bat since certain passives with horrible downsides can show up early on. The good news is GGG finally addressed that in Patch 3.21.0c by disabling lower-tier Crucible passives from the onset.

To be clear, some initial passives may still roll with downsides but they are now less likely to appear. If they show up, the company said that the upside should outweigh the downside.

Also in Patch 3.21.0c, the Heist Locker Hideout decoration is now unlocked after players have visited the Rogue Harbor for the first time. This is a pretty useful change since players no longer have to complete the Rogue Harbor quest just so they can put their blueprints and contracts in their rightful places.

Patch Notes

  • Added an indicator to the Crucible Forge user interface which displays the relative difficulty for the amount of channeling you have done, and how close you are to fully-channeling the encounter.
  • The Crucible Passive that granted Weapon Elemental Damage and cannot Inflict Elemental Ailments can no longer roll.
  • Unique Items obtained by selling an item with a Crucible Passive Tree now come with their own Crucible Passive Tree, with the first skill allocated.
  • Crucible Passive Tree Skills that cause the item to sell for an additional Unique Item can no longer be transferred onto other unrelated Base Types by combining Crucible Passive Trees.
  • Updated the explode visuals for the Crucible Passive Tree skill that causes Totems to Explode on Death to be more appropriate.
  • The Caster Passive Skill Mastery which provides a chance to open nearby Chests when you Cast a Spell no longer opens Curio Displays in Heist.
  • The "Flasks you Use apply to Linked Targets" modifier on the Ceinture of Benevolence Unique Belt has been re-enabled, it now only applies to Non-Unique Utility Flasks you Use. We've also enabled this Belt to drop again.
  • Improved the Crucible Forge and Crucible Passive Tree user interfaces for Controller Input mode.
  • Fixed a bug where some Crucible Passives that allow you to sell the item in exchange for a Unique Item were instead rewarding a Rare Item.
  • Fixed a bug where vendoring an item with a Crucible Passive Tree could interrupt expected vendor recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where Corrupted Items could not be combined at the Forge of the Titans in areas opened from Primordial Remnants.

Path of Exile Patch 3.21.0c is now available on PC.

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