Paragon: The Overprime Adds Greystone to the Hero Roster

Paragon Greystone
Meet the chivalrous knight! Netmarble

A new update has been released for the free-to-play MOBA game Paragon: The Overprime, introducing the new hero Greystone. There's also a special event launch for returning players throughout the rest of the year.

The new hero Greystone is from the Kingdom of Sierra and serves as the Vice Captain of the Knights. He uses his iron will to exceed his physical limits and to deal damage to enemies within melee range.

He hails from the legendary Seymour family and as the eldest of his generation, he carries with pride the family treasure, the sword Clement. This blade was given to him as proof of his skill and dedication to knighthood.

Greystone's skills are focused on slowing targets in an area. He is also an excellent tank as he can withstand blows due to his iron will. His skills are:

  • The Sword of Seymour
    • Swings his sword to deal physical damage to enemies.
  • Leap of Faith
    • Leaps to the target location, dealing magical damage to enemy heroes within range when he lands.
  • The Knight's Path
    • Summons a whirlwind and deals continuous magical damage to nearby enemies for a set duration.
  • The Knight's Will
    • Gains a buff that blocks 1 basic attack for a set duration.
  • The Transcendent Knight (Ultimate)
    • Upon receiving fatal damage, the hero turns to stone, slowing nearby enemies for a set duration. The slow effect is stronger for closer enemies.
    • Afterwards, the hero returns to normal, recovers a portion of his max health and max mana, deals true damage to nearby enemies, and launches them airborne.

Arriving with this update are new cosmetics for Greystone along with Wraith hero grade skin and the Grux rare grade skin.

Players who joined before April 26 and are now returning to the game get a set amount of Kima by logging in. This offer runs from May 30 to December 31.

Other Improvements

  • Hero and item balance improvements
  • Minor gameplay tweaks to jump pads, portals, and shadow bushes.
  • Suggested items for all heroes have been updated
  • Matchmaking has been improved
  • Players can now see their progress on missions in the Battle Pass.

Paragon: The Overprime is available on PC.

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