Pandora: Wild Origins Patch 0.3.0 Adds the Odora System and More

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Pandora: Wild Origins is an animal simulation game that lets you play as a feline. Survive long enough in the wilderness and you will become a fierce predator. Anyway, hunting animals just got easier thanks to Patch 0.3.0. The latest update added the Odora system and other new features and improvements.

New System

The Odora system lets you see odor particles when you’re in the hunting view. This can be activated by pressing the H key or by clicking on its icon located at the bottom-right of the screen.

The odor particles that you will see have different colors associated with the animals they represent. Once you are close enough, you’ll not only know which animal those particles correspond to but also know how long it has been there.

If you are in for the hunt, all you have to do is follow the odor particles to get to the associated animal. Be on your guard as there is a possibility that several animals of the same type are present in the area.

Patch Highlights

  • Added two new types of boar (female, baby) and overhauled male boar statistics
  • Added player footprints
  • Added the quest to increase at least one of the player's babies to level 10
  • Added hints during loading screens
  • Player's offspring rework :
    • Player's baby hunger bar drops much less quickly
    • When the player's babies' hunger reaches 0, their health begins to decline until they die if they are not fed
    • Added colliders for player babies
    • Modification of the player's baby experience depending on his level: at level 1, the experience bar is only 20 points and this increases by 20 points with each level gained. (Previously, the experience bar was 100 points regardless of level)
    • Each piece of meat given to babies now grants 20 experience points
    • Fixed cases where player's babies would not eat despite having a piece of meat placed next to them
  • Game optimization and performance improvement
  • Improved autosave when player feeds babies
  • Improved the physics of pieces of meat
  • When choosing a new hotkey, the player can now choose any of their mouse buttons
  • Fixed the amount of experience required for the player at level 1 which gets back to 40 points instead of 20 points when logging back to the game
  • Fixed case where player level 2 or above could no longer roar after logging back to the game

Pandora: Wild Origins Patch 0.3.0 is available on PC.

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