'Overwatch's Tracer Is The New Iconic Lesbian: Fans React To 'Reflections' Comic Reveal

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Tracer and Emily, the internet's new favorite obsession. Blizzard

In Overwatch ’s latest holiday-themed comic, Overwatch ’s mascot character Lena “Tracer” Oxton has been revealed as a lesbian - or at the very least, as a woman in a relationship with another woman whom she lives with and for whom she buys gifts.

Much fan reaction at the news that Tracer is a member of the LGBT community is overwhelmingly positive:











































In a statement to Kotaku, Blizzard wrote, “As in real life, having variety in our characters and their identities and backgrounds helps create a richer and deeper overall fictional universe. From the beginning, we’ve wanted the universe of Overwatch to feel welcoming and inclusive, and to reflect the diversity of our players around the world. As with any aspect of our characters’ backgrounds, their sexuality is just one part of what makes our heroes who they are. From the very beginning of our work on Tracer’s story, it just felt right to make this an aspect of her character.”

Of course, it’s not fandom without people wedged so deep in “the Nile,” not even the crocodiles can squeeze them out:

polygon overwatch tracer overwatch
Polygon commenters gal pal it up. Photo: VIA: Polygon




How do you feel about the reveal that Overwatch’s mascot character is LGBT? Any good Tracer memes I missed? Feel free to talk about Tracer and the Reflections comic reveal in our comments section below.

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