Overwatch 2 Players Found a Way to Skip Exhausting Coin Grind by Using Microsoft Rewards

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Players can scoop up coins by using Microsoft Rewards.
Players can scoop up coins by using Microsoft Rewards. Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

Grinding in games is to be expected and is pretty straightforward, too. Basically, you grind items, resources, etc. to improve your character which may be in the form of a new armor or weapon, among others. Unfortunately, in the case of Overwatch 2, grinding for coins as a reliable source of in-game currency can be exhausting and almost impossible.

Case in point, if you complete weekly challenges, you are going to get 60 coins max. Well, that is if you are even able to complete the requirements in time. Keep in mind, too, that skins in the game cost at least 2,000 coins. It is almost safe to say that Blizzard seems to want players to just give up and spend cash instead.

Interestingly, if you have a Microsoft account, there is actually a workaround that you can use to your advantage before the current Overwatch 2 season ends. Redditor MyGoodFriendJon reveals that signing up and completing Microsoft Rewards is the easiest method of earning coins so you can buy anything in the game. Remember that Microsoft has allowed players to cash out points for Overwatch coins at 200, 500, 1,000 coins at a time.

According to the Redditor, they have earned more coins in three weeks through Microsoft Rewards than completing the 143 weekly challenges across 13 weeks of playing the game. The post suggests that the user obtained about 800 coins in the span of two weeks. And if you are to maintain this pace all month, you can easily earn enough coins to buy even the most expensive skin in the game.

The comments are mixed though. While some are impressed, others are simply pissed at the fact that they have to go through this method instead of actually playing Overwatch 2. And mind you, World of Warcraft also had this similar method before.

Technically, the method is not cheating, but it does somehow defeat the purpose of playing the game as most players have expressed. Since Blizzard has not really stepped in yet to address monetization complaints in the game, more and more players will definitely use the method as a workaround to acquiring coins in the game.

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