Overwatch 2 Player Discovers Interesting Hidden Passive Ability About Baby D.Va

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D.Va is one of the most picked tank heroes in Overwatch 2.
D.Va is one of the most picked tank heroes in Overwatch 2. Blizzard

D.Va continues to be one of the most picked heroes in Overwatch 2 despite the sequel following the new 5v5 format. Basically, the new format requires the draft to be composed of two damage heroes, two support heroes, and one tank hero, a huge change from the first iteration which followed the 6v6 format (two DPS, two supports, and two tanks). While the game has been out for quite some time now, players are still finding new and interesting tricks in it.

Unlike the first iteration, the sequel offers passive abilities that heavily depend on heroes and their roles. While Blizzard keeps changing the DPS passive each season, tanks and supports are the same. No changes were made to their passive abilities whatsoever.

Supports, for instance, can now regain a portion of their health as long as they do not take damage for a short time. Tanks, on the other hand, have their knockbacks decreased. Interestingly, though, this passive applies to more than just D.Va’s primary MEKA form in Overwatch 2.

A player uploaded a video on YouTube and can be seen testing if the tank passive indeed applies to D.Va in the de-meched state. Surprisingly, when a Lucio boop is applied on both Baby D.Va (when she is out of her MEKA unit) and Tracer, the latter can be seen flying way more back compared to the former. Basically, it confirms the narrative that Baby D.Va still has the tank passive in her.

This is actually an interesting change, something D.Va mains can take advantage of. That is because having such ability means that even when she is in her de-meched form, she is less vulnerable to environmental kills. What is more, players can use the Call Mech ultimate to squish opponents without worrying about being pushed away by damage from enemies.

Another interesting scenario where this ability can help big time is when an enemy Lucio tries to boop D.Va players while trying to call their mech. They can no longer stop the animation and prevent D.Va from activating her Mech form.

While this can definitely boost the gameplay of D.Va mains in Overwatch 2, it does not guarantee safety if she is standing really close to the edge of the map. Lucio can still boop her out of the map. Nonetheless, the extra weight allows her to get access to a 150 HP buff and makes her even more of a threat than her Overwatch 1 version.

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