Three Best Support Heroes You Should Pick in Overwatch 2

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Kiriko tops the list thanks to her menacing and versatile kit.
Kiriko tops the list thanks to her menacing and versatile kit. Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

In games like Overwatch 2, support heroes are usually deemed to have the most underrated roles. You would even notice right away how a lot of players prefer to pick either a damage or tank role. In reality, support heroes play a significant role in team fights as they are responsible for keeping the team together and providing buffs or heals.

The second season of Blizzard’s first-person shooter game is here and team compositions circled around the meta of choosing heroes who can one-shot opponents. And because of this, the role of support heroes became more important, thanks to their ability to provide protection and healing. That said, let us take a look at some of the best support heroes for this season and why Overwatch 2 players should consider picking them up.


Kiriko is without a doubt the first one on the list, especially since she can easily dominate matches with her versatile kit. While the developers did nerf her with the arrival of Season 2, she still sits at the top of the support role ladder. Perhaps her most defining skill is the Protection Suzu, which basically makes her and her targeted ally invulnerable for a limited time. What is more, it removes any negative effects. Surely, boosting the likes of Genji or Soldier: 76 can give your team the much-needed shift in matches to secure the win.


Of course, it is a cardinal sin not to include Mercy in the list. Mercy, at the end of the day, is the most iconic support hero in Overwatch 2. In fact, when you talk about support heroes, Mercy is synonymous with the role. Her Caduceus Staff is a huge help as it does two things. First, it gives significant healing to her targeted teammates, really helpful considering how matches have shifted to burst-damage heroes. Second, her alternate fire gives bonus damage to party members. She simply enables any DPS hero you match her with, making her the most flexible support hero on the roster. You can basically match her with any DPS hero and not think so much about how the team composition would fare.


If you want a support hero to control the crowd, literally, then pick Ana. Her dart, specifically, can stun any aggressive DPS heroes trying to wipe your team down. Any hero who tries to swoop in can easily be controlled and the momentum from the enemy team just stops. Her Biotic Rifle, on other hand, heals teammates but damages enemies. And mind you, she can throw it from a distance which keeps her in a much safer position while supporting her teammates from afar. If you are matched with a draft that has aggressive gameplay, go and pick Ana. Her heavy CC kit can help shift the tide of the battle to your side.

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