Northgard: Kröwns and Daggers Update New Content and Bug Fixes

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Northgard received its sixth major update called the Kröwns and Daggers. In this update, the developers have made tons of general changes and bug fixes. Some of the multiplayer changes make it easier for players to identify each other. When the player pauses or ends the pause, their name will be displayed to everyone.

The developers have also added new content and a new neutral faction. The Dwarves are joining Northgard as a neutral faction and play a role in the mining process. You must handle the Dwarves carefully or they will turn against you. Moreover, the developers have added new competitive events for players to participate against other clans for rewards.

Northgard: Kröwns and Daggers Update

Multiplayer Mode
  • Player names are now displayed in the chat, but they are colorless until scouted (and so are the borders).
Bug Fixes
  • Wounded debuff on Units is now correctly removed when healed.
  • Wounded debuff only applies once under 80% of health.
  • Oskoreia is no longer canceled when Mieliki is attacked.
  • Achievement “Let me borrow this” is correctly unlocked.
  • Happiness detail now shows the entire list of entries impacting happiness and not just the X first elements.
  • Multiple bugs about achievements/expeditions not triggering upon completion.
  • Fixed value display for Knowledge “value of great deeds”.
  • Fixed Snake’s relic Stealth ability.
  • Fixed Trading Caravan. Relations with neutral factions improved 20% faster as intended. (Instead of 10 before correction).
  • Fixed victory condition cut-off in story mode.
  • Fixed trade with the clan of the Boar. As the Boar, you can no longer trade with another clan.
  • AI of the clan of the squirrel can no longer share a meal with an ally before obtaining “A Helping Hand” ( Fame 200).
  • Icon displayed after a loot no longer cancels a mouse click.
  • The link to the "How to mod" button has been fixed.
  • Fixed the Bodyguard from “Tactician” Military Path sometimes no longer following his warchief.
  • Fixed cursor issue. You could sometimes no longer target an enemy unit with your military units.
  • Fixed console spam causing lags in modded games.
  • Fixed army selection with “E” and a giant Boar.

You can read more about the update here.

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