Northgard December 13 Update: Cross of Vidar

Northgard December 13 Update
Northgard December 13 Update Steam

Northgard received an update that introduced a new campaign, the Cross of Vidar. In addition to that, the developers have fixed several bugs and made changes to the interface.

The Cross of Vidar Campaign

The new campaign focuses on the clans’ survival after the land of Northgard has been ravaged by Ragnarök. Some of the clans start their journey to find a new home, where they meet new characters, get involved in many conflicts and alliances, and undertake a quest for three swords that might have the power to end Ragnarök.

The Southern Kingdoms

In this update, the developers introduced The Southern Kingdoms which is a new civilization with unique traditions, technologies, and culture. Also, the Chapel is the main building that spawns new subjects and feeds and shelters them from the cold.

Northgard December 13 Update

Rat Infestation event
  • Rats now target houses and reduce Food production in the zone. Silos and upgraded Foraging Posts protect the zone against the infestation.
  • Buildings placement on the construction panel has been changed.
  • Several texts have been corrected.
Bug Fix
  • Pathfinding issues have been resolved.
  • When a tower is attacked on a Landvidi zone, it now displays the units attacking the tower.
  • When a special Townhall has already been unlocked by completing a Conquest, the notification for unlocking it is no longer displayed.
  • It is no longer possible to transfer a tool or relic being forged to an ally by transferring the forge building.
  • Spike Barricade now correctly appears on all zones.
  • Helheim Invasion event now works correctly.
  • It is no longer possible to open several building panels at once.
  • It is no longer possible to send Food without assigned Merchants in Campaign 1 - Mission 7.
  • Mining progression is now correctly displayed.
  • Damages inflicted by Kraken final Conquest bonus have been reworked.
  • Thralls no longer gather more Food in a zone with a Silo if they are not assigned to a Food production building.
  • Names can now be changed in Creative Mode.
  • Several value roundings adjustments.
Known Issues
  • Minor UI issues.
  • Monks produce faith when building relics.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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