No Man’s Sky Outlaw Update Introduces New Solar Ships and Outlaws

No Man’s Sky Update 3.85
No Man’s Sky Update 3.85 Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is back with another major update that adds new Solar Ships, the Outlaw System, and so much more. Update 3.85 also improves the visual effects, which should enhance the experience when traveling through multiple galaxies.

Bored of the old starships? Well, that’s going to change with the introduction of Solar Ships. These ships have many variations and are known to be versatile. Players can now own up to nine ships from this update, which gives them the perfect opportunity to grab these new ships.

Traveling across galaxies is no longer safe because the Outlaws have taken control of some space stations, which have fallen into conflict. While exploring these can be dangerous, they may be ripe for resources during raids.

No Man’s Sky Update 3.85

  • A new class of starship has been added, the Solar Sail ship.
  • Solar starships come in a wide range of procedurally generated variations. They can be found all across the galaxy, but are more common in outlaw systems.
  • The Solar-class starship comes with unique technologies for a fast and efficient Pulse Engine.
  • All ships now come with a high-capacity cargo inventory. The starting size of the cargo inventory varies according to ship type and class.
  • The ship cargo inventory can be upgraded at the starship salvage station.
  • The maximum number of saved ships has been increased from 6 to 9.
  • Players may now change their primary starship from the quick menu while in the freighter hangar.
  • Summoning other ships, including the freighter, now has its own dedicated sub-section of the quick menu.
  • While on a planet, players may occasionally see groups of frigates enter the atmosphere and pass by on their own missions across the universe.
  • An audiovisual cockpit alarm has been added to the ship, to alert pilots to dangerous situations.
  • Introduced several very significant memory optimizations, improving stability and performance, especially on base consoles.
  • Introduced a significant optimization to texture memory usage.
  • Introduced an optimization to creature and Sentinel navigation.
  • Introduced a significant optimization for bases and settlements.
  • Fixed a crash related to input settings.
  • Fixed several threading crashes in the UI.
  • Fixed a crash related to technology item popups.
  • Fixed a crash related to base building.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a mineral extractor.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur during warp.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the Appearance Modifier UI.

You can read more about the update here.

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