'No Man's Sky' Release News: Disc Size Only 6GB, Mostly Audio

No Man's Sky will only be 6GB on PS4
No Man's Sky will only be 6GB on PS4 Hello Games

No Man’s Sky releases Aug. 9, and that’s confirmed now that the game has gone gold. With everything all ready to go, creator Sean Murray revealed some information on Twitter about what players can expect. Apparently, the file size on the disc is way smaller than you’re probably thinking it is.

As Murray mentions above, the game is only 6GB on PS4. Of that, the files mostly consist of audio tracks. This means the majority of No Man’s Sky will take place online. As we mentioned earlier, expect all sorts of initial problems at launch. That’s the nature of online gaming these days, especially with games from smaller teams.

Murray also mentions the team at Hello Games is already working on the first update to No Man’s Sky. Being such a crazy ambitious game, I’m sure there will probably be a Day 1 patch as well as countless updates moving forward.

And if you want to see what No Man’s Sky will look like in Chinese, we have a screenshot of that as well. Murray accidentally identified the screenshot as Japanese in the tweet, but corrected himself in a follow-up message.

So what do you think? Are you surprised by the small file size for No Man’s Sky? Are you more excited about the release information? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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