Nintendo Switch Brings The Hype But Fails To Impress Investors, Shares Tank

'Mario Kart 8' and the Nintendo Switch controller
'Mario Kart 8' and the Nintendo Switch controller Nintendo

After Nintendo’s presentation of the Switch on Jan. 12, the console is off to a rough start after the company revealed specs, pricing and release date.

According to a report from Bloomberg, as a result of the presentation, Nintendo’s shares fell 5.8 percent to 23,750 yen last Friday. Via Bloomberg, “The pricing and game titles were as expected; the stock was bought up on hopes and sold on the fact,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute. “The first two weeks of sales will be critical for Nintendo, and they will have to sell the 2 million units they forecast for the quarter. The Switch’s success will be determined at the start.”

The thing about the Nintendo Switch that concerns investors most is its price. Bloomberg also noted most analysts’ predicted the Switch would be priced between $250 and $280 – Sitting at a price of $299, the Nintendo Switch no longer feels as attractive. In comparison to the Xbox One, which can run any where between $249 - $279, and PS4’s starting price of $259, the Nintendo Switch feels a little steep.

Nintendo Switch’s success is looking shaky, yet could still be promising at the same time. Fans and critics alike are saying the same; some cannot wait for the new console while others are concerned the Switch is a repeat of the Wii U.

While the first two weeks of sales play a crucial component of Nintendo’s success, the pressure is on to sell 2 million units in its first quarter. Not to worry, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is confident that the demand will be met seeing as the first round of pre-orders have sold out.

Nintendo Switch is a tablet-like console, made for at home and tailored for on-the-go experiences. The new console will be equipped with a few awesome games, ARMS and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being the key games that hold the promise to Switch’s success.

Nintendo Switch is set to release on March 3rd at a price of $299. What do you guys think about the price and the console in general? Is it everything you hoped for?

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