Nintendo Labo Tractor? New Set Leaked In Famitsu

Nintendo Labo will combine your Switch with DIY kits.
Nintendo Labo will combine your Switch with DIY kits. NINTENDO

The Nintendo Labo will allow gamers of all ages to build various sets like a piano, RC car, fishing rod and a lot more but a new leak suggests they will also be able to build a tractor. According to the official Famitsu site , the Feb. 15 issue of the popular Japanese magazine will feature the Nintendo Labo and has a peek at a new, unrevealed set. The image from the site is very small so it’s hard to tell but many believe it to be a tractor.

Check out the possible new Nintendo Labo set that looks a lot like a tractor. The size of this “tractor” is not known but we would assume it may be a bit larger than the RC Cars players can build.

Some pages of Famitsu showing the Nintendo Labo
Some pages of Famitsu showing the Nintendo Labo Famitsu

The Nintendo Labo sets allows gamers to create new peripherals for the Switch using a special extra-durable cardboard. Using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and the infrared sensors within the controllers, gamers will be able to play special games using the cardboard sets.

Player.One went to a Nintendo Labo event to have some hands-on time building and playing with the various sets. Check out our video on our experience below.

The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Garage was also shown during this event, which allows players to customize how they use the sets. Gamers will be able to customize how sets move and their functions within the Labo games. One example shown during the event was a cardboard guitar that used the Switch console to create music.

Currently, there are two kits that will be available when the Nintendo Labo releases April 20. The Variety Kit will include the RC Cars, Fishing Rod, House, Motorbike and Piano while the Robot Kit will include only the elaborate Robot set. The Variety Kit will go for $69.99 and the Robot Kit runs for $79.99.

So what do you think this new Nintendo Labo set is? What do you think of the Labo in general? Sound off in the comments section below.

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