Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl March 14 Update Patch Notes

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl received a minor patch a few days ago and it brought tons of changes. Expect several balancing changes to multiple characters as well.

Players now have an option for CPU vs. CPU mode in local matches. UI will now work as intended for different aspects ratio. Stage collisions have been improved so that players won’t phase through it anymore. You can read about the most important changes below.

  • Implemented improvements to rollback netcode handlers. This should be reflected as a more stable online experience
  • Added the option to play versus another player in Training Mode when two controllers are connected.
  • A new option was added to have CPU vs. CPU in local matches
  • For those who are speed-running Arcade Mode, we added a timer to the HUD in Arcade Mode. Also, loading times are no longer included in the final time
  • Character Selection no longer resets when entering the Rules menu.
  • A timer was added to the Online Modes for the character and stage selection, when the timer runs out, a random character and stage are selected starting the battle after it.
  • Stage collisions have been improved to prevent phasing.
  • UI now properly adapts to different screen aspect ratios.
  • Minor UI Tweaks

As mentioned above, the patch also brings a plethora of balancing changes. Almost every character has received some changes. We have mentioned the universal changes below.

  • Grounded normals now clang with grounded normals, always
  • Grounded normals now rebound against grounded strongs, always
  • Grounded strongs now beat out grounded normals, always
  • Aerial normals now never collide with other hitboxes, excluding projectiles
  • Aerial strongs now never collide with other hitboxes, excluding projectiles and RPS win/loss interactions
  • RPS loss length increased to 30 plus half your current percent for duration (frames)
  • RPS loss takes hitstun from winning strong attack
  • RPS loss takes damage from winning strong attack
  • Initiating a dashdance now puts the character into a brief turnaround stance for a frame and keeps the character in place for slightly longer before initiating the next dash
  • Initiating a dash from a state that isn't explicitly set up as tweenable (ie: dashdancing) will activate a fallback where the move tweens from the start of a character's idle animation; this drastically reduces the janky/snappy visual effect dashdancing can have
  • Color overlays for standard and good blocks altered to be more opaque
  • Fixed bug where a move sending down and slightly to the left wouldn’t DI properly if holding horizontal-left
  • Fixed bug where color overlays while blocking persisted a few extra frames than the endlag represented

The complete patch notes are available on Steam.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are there any other issues that you want the developer to address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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