Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl February 3 Update Brings New Fighter and a Stage

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl received an important update yesterday. The February 3 patch added new content, bug fixes, and a plethora of balancing changes. The newly added fighter is Shredder and you can play him on the new Double Dare stage.

In Arcade mode, Garfield’s dialogue box will be shown as a thought bubble. The patch improved the loading optimization for menus, so every platform will load menus faster. However, actual improvement will depend on the platform.

The patch also made balancing changes to Spongebob, Sandy, Aang, Toph, and more. Several universal balancing changes were made as well. You can read about some of the changes below.

  • DI angle reverted (14°> 16°)
  • Getup & tech root roll anims linger for 2 and 4 extra frames respectively before moving
  • Getup roll time decreased (29f > 27f)
  • Getup inplace time decreased (27f > 24f)
  • Getup inplace invulnerability decreased (21f > 19f)
  • Tech roll time decreased (34f > 31f)
  • Tech roll invulnerability decreased (26f > 25f)
  • Tech inplace time decreased (24f > 22f)
  • Tech inplace invulnerability decreased (18f > 17f)
  • Ledge invulnerability increased (60f > 70f)
  • Crashland time decreased (30f > 26f)
  • Holding diagonal for a block is now mutually exclusive for down/up, will not block mid attacks
  • Holding diagonal with the horizontal AWAY from an oncoming attack will no longer produce a down/up block
  • Z-drops no longer affected by DI
  • All characters now properly slowfall once per airtime with their aerial strong attacks, subsequent airstrongs fall at normal speed
  • RPS pre-attack hitboxes now attack in the “correct” direction
  • RPS pre-attack hitboxes now encompass the entire character
  • Fixed bug where certain characters couldn’t turnaround jump out of a jump-cancelable attack while in hitstop
  • Fixed bug where a grounded jump could quickly lead into an aerial grounded jump if the input was pressed again within 4 frames
  • Fixed bug where block on-hit was actionable 1-frame later
  • Aerial Mid Light
    • Stun gain decreased (9 > 7)
  • Aerial Up Light
    • Knockback gain increased (105 > 115)
    • Stun gain decreased (16 > 11)
    • Down Special
    • Using the grounded version no longer takes away an aerial charge
  • Down Special
    • Cancelable actions now possible with second stick

The complete patch notes can be read via Steam.

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