Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Introduces Two New Regions in Latest Update

Ni No Kuni New Regions
Get ready to explore new regions. Netmarble

New regions have been opened in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, letting players explore Treynia and Hydropolis.

Treynia is a seaside city and offers the exploration of its unique islands by riding trains. There's dynamic scenery to be enjoyed here no matter what time of day it is. Hydropolis, meanwhile, is a sunken kingdom where players can catch a wave from a Puffer Whelk and explore the coastal reefs and shadowy depths.

Major Upgrade

For this new update, players can look forward to the maximum Class Grade from 10 to 15, higher maximum Basic Skill levels for each class, and six new skills. These are joined with new achievements and titles that players can show off.

New Content

There is also the new Chaos Field known as Treynia Volcano, which allows players to power up their heroes efficiently by beating enemies. Two new costume sets are available as well to those who complete the Adventure Record and find Field Treasure Chests in the new regions. The costumes are the Treynian Civilian Outfit and Hat and the Arcana Expedition Diving Suit and Helmet.

New Events

In celebration of the new regions, these events have been launched, running from June 28 to July:

  • Check-In Event
    • Various summon coupons and equipment power-up rewards can be obtained upon checking in for 14 consecutive days.
    • The rewards are:
      • Day 1: Equipment Summon Coupon x10
      • Day 2: Gold x500,000
      • Day 3: Superb Equipment Enhancement Stone Selection Chest x5
      • Day 4: Miraculous Warding Doll Selection Chest x5
      • Day 5: Familiar Summon Coupon x10
      • Day 6: Domination Medal x1,000
      • Day 7: Headgear Factory Rare 4-Star Higgledy Hiring Certificate x1
      • Day 8: Costume Summon Coupon x10
      • Day 9: Bound Territe x1,000
      • Day 10: Superb Equipment Enhancement Stone Selection Chest x5
      • Day 11: Miraculous Warding Doll Selection Chest x5
      • Day 12: Purification Medal x1,000
      • Day 13: Crystal Orb Summon Coupon x10
      • Day 14: Armor Factory Rare 4-Star Higgledy Hiring Certificate x1
  • Power Up Dungeon Double Up Event
    • Players can get free additional entries to the Fire Temple and Familiars' Cradle.
    • Double rewards are available from Goldbeard's Pirate Ship.
  • Summer Dice Event
    • Collect dice from daily freebies and in-game missions.
    • Roll them to circle the board and collect rewards.
    • Land on prize squares, including various buff items and power up materials, and complete laps for bonus rewards.
  • Treasure Hunt Event
    • Complete missions to get compasses and use them to search for treasure.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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