Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Invites You to the 300th Day Anniversary Celebration

Join the celebration.
Join the celebration. Netmarble

A new update for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has been released which celebrates the 300th day since the game was released. There's a lot to enjoy like new events and battle content.

This latest game update features the Familiar Grand Prix, a new battle content mode where players enter their familiars in a 15v15 fighting contest to see who's familiar is the last one standing. This game mode hosts its own league and tournament matches and has players earn the in-game currency known as Asterite.

Players can participate in the Special Tournament, which ranks high-level familiar players through competitive battles and crowning the winner. As part of the Familiar Grand Prix festivities, players have the chance to earn Title items by predicting the outcome of matches or by being ranked among the best ones in the tournament.

The new update also has players equip:

  • Newly added familiar Cactanine (Attack Type Rare 4-Star Earth).
  • New Mount “Mount King.”
  • New Costume “Familiar Doll Clothes III Outfit & Hat.”

In addition, two new servers have been opened in North America and Asia, and are now encouraging new journeys via special events. This should give newbies the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest content.

Celebration Check-In Event

As thanks to the love and support over the past 300 days, everyone is invited to the 300-Day Celebration Check-In event which is filled with stunning rewards, from March 22 to April 19. All they need to do is log in during the event and claim event rewards. For those keeping count, the event lasts for 40 days which should be enough to get all 28 rewards.

The top rewards are:

  • Headgear Factory Rare 4-Star Higgledy Hiring Certificate x1.
  • 300-Day Celebration Lofty Hat Chest x1.
  • Armor Factory Rare 4-Star Higgledy Hiring Certificate x1.
  • 300 Day Rare 4-Star Equipment Selection Chest x1.

Roulette Event

Players can also join the 300-Day Celebration Roulette Event. Compared to the Check-In event, this one runs a little short from March 22 to April 5. Players first need to obtain Roulette Coupons through:

  • 1 Daily Free Coupon.
  • Roulette Coupon Mission Event Clear Rewards.
  • 300-Day Roulette Coupon Mission Event.
  • Purchase from the [300-Day Celebration] Shop.
  • Weekend Check-In Rewards.

Once they get Roulette Coupons, players can then spin the 300 Day Celebration Roulette. They can get Roulette Points each time they spin the roulette. They can also claim additional rewards based on the accumulated points.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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