Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is Taking You to Goldbeard's Treasure Island

Ni no Kuni Treasure Island
Get ready for Treasure Island. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds which adds the new episode Goldbeard's Treasure Island. In this one, players have to go against the pirate-turned-Kraken Goldbeard, and defeating him will reveal Treasure Island.

The new update also introduces exclusive episode stories along with Reputation Quests which feature solo and five-player dungeon marine warfare. Once the dungeon has been cleared, players receive rewards including Episode EXP, the Palm Tree Island Puzzle Pack and a 4-Star Purrloiner, depending on tier.

Explore the Islands

Various islands of the Vermuda Archipelago are also available where players can find different equipment rewards like:

  • Pirate Badges
  • Pirate Code Piece Chest
  • Suspicious Key

Players can use the Telescope as well to research the skills they need to get through the episode. To level up the Telescope skill, players must use Episode EXP which can be obtained through clearing the Episode Dungeon.

Episode and Premium Pass

An Episode Pass is available that hands out different rewards, such as:

  • 4-Star Purrloiner
  • First Mate title
  • Familiar Summon Coupons

A Premium Pass is also available and it features:

  • 4-Star Familiar
  • Luxurious Palm Tree Island Puzzle Pack
  • Pirate Badges
  • Themed Items

The new update adds these cosmetic-themed items:

  • Pirate Hat
  • Pirate Outfit
  • Pirate-themed mount "Surfskipper"

New Familiar

The update also introduces a new 4-Star Rare Petal, an Earth and Support type Familiar. This Petal features these interesting abilities:

  • Petal's Heart (Passive)
    • Increases partner's Basic Attack DMG.
    • Increases partner's party members' Basic Attack DMG.
    • Increases ATK proportional to the number of equipped Attack Familiars.
    • Grows stronger on the Kraken's Island, increasing the partner and equipped Familiars' DMG.
  • Fairy's Blessing (Active)
    • Petal twirls its flower staff to bless the partner and party members.
    • Increases the partner and party members' ATK SPD.
  • Bloom (Active)
    • Petal imbues an ally Familiar with energy from flowers to increase their combat ability.

New Events

The update wouldn't be complete without the launch of new in-game events. This time, there are three:

  • Find the Secret Navigation Log!
    • Through a simple mission, the event item Navigation Log can be acquired and exchanged for:
      • Goldbeard's Hat
      • Crystal Orb Summon Coupon
      • Miraculous Crystal Orb Warding Doll
  • Purrloiner Power Up Event
    • Players can power up Purrloiner and get various growth items such as 4-Star Purrloiner and Jelly Bottle.
  • Catch Pirate King Cluu! Event
    • The minigame can be played using the Catch Pirate King Cluu!! Event Tickets.
    • Items like the 6-Star Toy Chest, Familiar Summon Coupon, and Toy Combining Kit are available.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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