Celebrate First Anniversary of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni 1st Anniv
Happy anniversary! Netmarble

Everyone is invited to join in celebrating the first anniversary of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. There are special in-game events along with new modes and exclusive rewards, courtesy of one of the largest game patches ever released. As part of the celebration, players have the chance to get as many as 400 First Anniversary Celebration Special Summon Coupons.

Here are some of the limited-time events happening:

  • 1st Anniversary Special Summon
    • Upon checking in for 10 consecutive days, players receive a total of 220 1st Anniversary Celebration Special Summon Coupons.
    • When the 1st Anniversary Celebration Special Coupon is used, players get the chance to obtain different items including the 4-Star Rare familiar, 4-Star Rare Weapon, and 4-Star Rare Armor.
    • By collecting the mileage stacked from using the 1st Anniversary Celebration Special Coupon, players can receive an Amber which can be used to obtain 6-Star Modern Classic Car and 1st Anniversary! Rare Lucky Box.
  • 1st Anniversary 14-Day Check-In
    • Upon checking in for 14 days, players can get:
      • Special Title
      • Various Summon Coupons
      • Rare 4-Star Equipment Selection Chest
  • Collect 1st Anniversary Thank-You Letters
    • Players can obtain 1st Anniversary Thank-You Letters by conducting simple missions like flipping coins or defeating monsters.
    • These can be exchanged for 6-Star Toy Selection Chest, 6-Star Tetro Puzzle Selection Pack, and Choice Summon Pack, among others.
    • When players obtain all of the rewards, they'll get 10 Miraculous Warding Doll Selection Chests as a bonus.

Battle Style System

The new update also introduces Battle Style, a new way for players to express their combat styles. What this does is allow classes to change their weapon styles to enable new fighting ways. Since players can switch Battle Styles anytime, it should result in more versatile and efficient combat experiences. They can also get access to adaptable Battle Style-specific weapons and skills.

Once Battle Style is unlocked, players can also unlock Artifacts, a new way to power up their heroes. By powering up Artifacts, players not only increase the combat stats of their characters but also experience the full potential of Battle Style.

Side Story

The new update also brings back a fan-favorite episode. Players can now enjoy Legendary Ancient Genie through the Side Story. It features reworked special activities and dungeons which are easier to clear, so players can earn those combat stat upgrades faster.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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