New World Update 1.1.1: Missing Horticulture Gear Fixed

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New World recently received an update that fixed a couple of issues and also resolved the missing horticulture gear. The Void Gauntlet’s Annihilation skill tree had an issue with Oblivion. The Oblivion skill summons a rift of void energy that deals extra damage, and it also comes with a 20-second cooldown. However, there was an issue where the Oblivion was not going into cooldown if the player swapped weapons during skill startup. This issue has been resolved in the latest update.

In the previous update, the developers removed all tiers of the Horticulture harvesting gear. This removed items that players earned in-game. To make up for what happened, they apologized and have given players an extra Rewards Chest. This contains a full set of Horticulturist armor with the highest tier that the player has previously earned. The reward set includes the Harvester Hat, Harvester Shirt, Harvester Gloves, Harvester Pants, and Harvester Shoes.

New World Update 1.1.1

Motes from Elemental Enemies
  • Fixed an issue causing a large number of motes to drop from elemental enemies.
  • We also removed elemental motes as rewards from gathering elemental creatures and reduced the number of other resources acquired from them to account for the number of them in the world and the frequency at which they respawn.
  • Re-enabled trading, moving, and salvaging of furnishings/housing items
  • Fixed a bug where Jewel crafting recipes were not granting enough trade skill XP
  • Recently we lowered the amount of trade skill XP provided by lower-tiered items when a player reaches a new tier of crafting bases per skill. To use metal as an example, when a player unlocks Steel recipes they earn less from crafting iron recipes.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to fill Buy Orders from local Storage Sheds
  • Technical groundwork for server merges
  • War performance enhancements
General Bug Fixes
  • Void Gauntlet - Fix to consumable status effects being cleansed by Oblivion
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Jewelcrafting to not award appropriate amounts of XP for higher-tier crafts
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from earning the Lumberjack achievement

You can read more about the update here.

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