New Wo: Long Dynasty Update Adds New Equipment Sets in Collaboration with Naraka: Bladepoint

Update v1.10 Team Ninja

Are you a fan of Naraka: Bladepoint? The Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty dev team has collaborated with 24 Entertainment to bring you some epic equipment sets inspired by the popular martial arts battle royale. The new sets will be available in-game as soon as you've downloaded Update v1.10 on your preferred platform. The new "Crimson Night" and "Loyal Drunk" armor sets can be claimed via Deliveries in the Battle Flag menu.

The free Update v1.10 also made significant changes. Leading them is that you can now set eight Wizardry Spells as opposed to just four previously. Besides that, this patch also introduced 10 new Wizardry Spells, which you can obtain by defeating bosses on the new Path of the Soaring Dragon difficulty. Keep in mind that this difficulty level is essentially Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's New Game++, so bosses are quite tough to beat. But if you can manage that, you can acquire the Hidden Tomes containing these new spells from them.

For improvements, a new function has been added to the inventory menu that lets you compare the stats of a piece of equipment with another item. Furthermore, you can now preview an item's appearance before applying a decoration.

Here are the other major changes in Update v1.10:

  • Added the feature "Store Genuine Qi."
    • Players will be able to use this feature by accessing the Level Up menu upon reaching the maximum level.
    • This allows players to store Genuine Qi so that it will not be lost upon their death.
  • Added the consumable item Handheld Gong.
    • This item may be obtained as possible drop rewards from some enemies.
  • Added a new Martial Arts technique Turning Clouds, which can be used with straight sabres, swords, and curbed sabres.
    • This technique will be randomly assigned upon acquiring an applicable weapon.
  • Made changes so that equipment upgrade levels and rarities will now be displayed on the screen when rewards are acquired.
  • Made changes so that Undistributed Virtues will be displayed in the Level Up menu.
  • Added a function to display a list of currently owned Jewelry Essence on the Embedment screen in the Blacksmith menu or in the Inventory menu.
  • Made changes so that the remaining and maximum number of uses of the Dragon's Cure Pot will be displayed in the Inventory menu.
  • Made it possible to filter the items within the storehouse from the Blacksmith menu.
  • Made changes so that players can set or remove Favorites and Lock on an item with a single button in the Inventory and Blacksmith menus.
    • This is also possible in the Equipment menu.
    • Favorites and Lock can be set or removed separately in the Inventory and Blacksmith menus by pressing the Confirm.
  • Made changes so that the tutorial videos for Martial Arts are accessible in the Equipment and Inventory menus will switch automatically.
  • Added the new filters Bleach Bypass and Glitch to the Photograph menu.
  • Made it possible for players to check equipment upgrade levels, rarities, and special effects via Battle Sets in the Battle Preparation menu.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Update v1.10 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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