New Tower of God: New World Update Releases the Hellish Demon Hoaqin

Get ready to meet a new teammate and join new in-game events. Netmarble

A new update has been released for of God: New World which introduces players to a new teammate, give them access to new costumes, and enjoy in-game events.

The new teammate is the SSR [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin (Purple Element, Warrior, Sorcerer), who is actually a fragment of the monster that's sealed in the Hell Train. He was once a legendary High Ranker and was among the top 100 most powerful in the Tower. He also reigned as FUG's top slayer White.

Hoaqin may have a childish appearance but has a cruel personality who enjoys making humans fight each other. He does sometimes show an unexpected moral side which is keeping a promise once it is made. Hoaqin uses the Spell of Soul-Eating, which can steal the souls of others to make their powers his and continues to devour random souls in pursuit of complete resurrection. In addition, his Rampage, Jolt and Teleport skills are able to inflict high damage on enemies.

Aside from a new teammate, players can also look forward to the two types of costumes for Viole (Red Eyes) and Bam (Second Flipper).

In-Game Events

Here are the limited-time events players can join:

  • Formation Strategy Lesson Event (November 15 to November 29)
    • Players can enter up to six times a day by selecting one out of three formations:
      • Balanced Formation
      • Guard Formation
      • Wedge Formation
    • With earned tokens from the event, players can exchange it for different rewards including that include SSR characters (i.e. Xia Xia, Lero Ro, etc.), Equipment enhancement material and more.
  • Alliance Expedition Event Season 4: During the Search Phase (November 15 to November 22)
    • Players need to work with alliance members to find Alliance Weapons.
      • These can be used during the Boss Phase to use the Alliance Skill.
    • In the Boss Phase (November 22 to November 25), Alliance Points are earned according to the amount of damage dealt to the Boss.
    • Use the Alliance Skill to deal more damage to the boss and earn more Alliance Points to receive a higher Alliance Ranking and rewards.
    • Based on the Alliance Ranking these rewards are offered:
      • Alliance Coins (up to 25,000)
      • Tri-Essence Facility (up to 3,000)
      • Season 4 High Ranker/Ranker Alliance Border
  • Cooking Competition Countdown Check-in (November 15 to November 29)
    • Those who check-in the game for 14 days can earn abundant rewards including Normal Summon Tickets, Suspendium, Soul Crystals and more.

Tower of God: New World is now available on Google Play and the App Store. The PC version is available to download from Google Play Games Beta.

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