New Pokémon Snap Offers New Areas to Explore

See what new Pokémon are available to photograph.
See what new Pokémon are available to photograph. Nintendo

A new update is arriving in New Pokémon Snap that’s not only offering new areas to explore but also more Pokémon to photograph. It’s going to be free to download so there’s no need to worry. The update arrives on both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite on August 4.

There are actually three new areas available to explore. The first is the Secret Side Path and here, the NEO-ONE is shrunk to a tiny size. That means the Pokémon are going to look really big. Those lucky enough may even see new kinds of behavior from the Pokémon.

Next is the Mightywide River, which is the water source for the entire Belusylva Island. Those who conduct their research here are going to ride down the river. That means it’s important to watch out for rapids while looking for Pokémon.

Finally, there is the Barren Badlands. Located on Voluca Island, expect dry winds coming from the desert. The area has a lot of peculiar features like geysers and poisonous swamps. It’s not going to be easy to photograph Pokémon since they may be hiding in rocky cliffs or underground.

For these new regions, you can photograph both new and familiar Pokémon.

New Pokémon Snap is a sequel to Pokémon Snap released back in 1999. Like its predecessor, the sequel is also a first-person photography game. New Pokémon Snap was released on April 30 this year.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward. Players take on the role of a character who's taking photographs of various Pokémon located at different islands in the Lental region. Besides photography, players also help Professor Mirror and his assistants Rita and Phil in their research studies.

Going back to the photography aspect, each photo is graded by Professor Mirror from a low of one star to a high of four stars. Higher quality photos give players Expedition Points. The points can then be used to improve the Research Level of each area.

On its release, the game has received mainly positive reviews.

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